What was your experience of English in high school? Did you suffer in your study of Shakespeare, or were you inspired by literature and the opportunity to write?

Each English teacher at Hills Grammar strives to make your child’s experience in the classroom rich in learning. Our teaching is based on the school’s model of pedagogy: learner centred, guided inquiry, differentiation and assessment for learning. However, teachers build on this through their own style, expertise and passion. Our teachers are aware of the different ways students learn and engage with literature, with ICT, robust discussion and traditional practices playing their role to make every learning experience valuable and enjoyable.

In the below video clip, you will get to see some of the ways our English teachers build the knowledge and skills of the next generation:

  • Mr David O’Donohue teaching Year 9 Honours the novella Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka.
  • Ms Justine Zarebski teaching her Year 8 students how to write an effective essay on Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game.
  • Mr Mitchell Clendinning teaching Year 11 the beauty of Shakespeare’s tragedy Othello.
  • Ms Felicity Scott teaching Year 8 students about structural and cinematic techniques through the Tropfest short film Time.
  • Mr Gates teaching Good Night and Good Luck to a Year 12 Extension 1 class, a film about McCarthyism and television in the Cold War.

We believe quality literature and quality teaching leads to expert thinkers and writers. We hope your child is growing under the guidance of their English teacher in 2017.

Mitchell Clendinning | Head of English