During Term 1, a number of students were negatively impacted by the actions of others online.

It is vital that each one of us thinks carefully before we email, post photos or send any messages as the implications can be serious. 

I encourage you to view the following clip. It goes for just over 3 minutes.

Sometimes people make impulsive choices and think their thoughtless actions will be taken as a joke, but this cannot be viewed as an excuse. There are strict laws in NSW covering such things as cyberbullying, defamation, identity theft, privacy and sexting.

There is good information on these topics at Lawstuff.

All students have been reminded that if they see others behaving irresponsibly or hurtfully online, to ask them to stop. This is for their own protection and to protect the safety and wellbeing of others. If parents or students have any concerns, they should let one of the Wellbeing staff know straight away.

Jen Jarrett | Director of Student Wellbeing Pre-K to 12