On Monday evening, Senior School parents were treated to a presentation by Australia's leading parenting expert, Dr Justin Coulson. He presented research evidence and practical examples that showed the importance of developing our teenagers’ wellbeing. The areas he focussed on were strengths, gratitude, hope, optimism and kindness; all aspects that parents can positively impact by being role models.

Dr Couslon encouraged parents to consider when their families have been happiest and to have a plan for increasing our families' wellbeing. 

It makes sense for us to teach our students about wellbeing literacy both at home and at school. We work in partnership to support them to be more aware of their own wellbeing and guide them to be purposeful in improving it. During the Pos Ed Workshops in Term 1, students spent a good while looking at how our brains work and identifying where their mindsets might be holding them back from accepting challenges. I encourage parents to chat with their children about this - and to see whether they might be able to encourage their children’s efforts and processes, rather than just their natural ability in those areas. 

We are confident that as our students learn about wellbeing and develop skills and habits to develop it, we will see sustained improvements in wellbeing over time. 

If you were unable to attend, please click here to access some brief notes taken by Jodi Ansell during the presentation.

Thank you to PAFA for supporting this worthwhile evening.

Jen Jarrett | Director of Student Wellbeing Pre-K to 12