Last week, Year 1 students enjoyed a visit to the Hills Grammar Museum and Archives. Mrs Vietnieks took the students on a tour of the Archives and talked to the children about the changes that have taken place at Hills Grammar, since foundation in 1982. The children viewed old school uniforms, old photographs of the school, photographs of past Principals, class albums and a 3D model of the School. Year 1 used their iPads to take photographs of parts of the Museum that they felt best told the story of our school, reinforcing our PYP Central Idea, ‘We explore history through stories’. The children were particularly interested in viewing the 25 year old Apple desktop computer, with one student commenting, “Wow, we couldn’t carry that around with us to take photos!” Mrs Vietnieks also shared artefacts from the Hills Grammar ANZAC exhibition, further reinforcing the students’ understanding of the Central Idea and the importance of commemorating the ANZACs. The students thoroughly enjoyed engaging with the history of our school and are to be commended for their thoughtful questions and beautiful manners.

Ursula Morris | 1M Teacher