On the last afternoon of Term 1, Year 9 members of the V (Volunteer) Team came to the rescue in Nexus. ECEC needed a reading nook on the bridge level and in order to create the space, the shelving holding the senior fiction collection needed to be rotated 90 degrees. Nexus staff removed the books and Campus staff rotated the shelving; it was then time for the fiction books to be systematically returned onto the shelving. The V-Team came and work was completed before the end of the day. Nexus staff were very grateful for the cheerful assistance given by the V-Team to complete this project.

Robyn Evans | Nexus

Image captions: ECEC using their new reading nook, V Team members  L to R: Madeline Kemp, Whitney Wales, Victoria Marull, Yashmitta Gabbireddy, Laura Reid, Scarlett Cascun-Valencic, Mrs Swindail, Megan Johnson, Laura Murray, Mrs Houston (absent Courtney Davis, Emma Godfrey, Jessica Flynn and Bronte Maybury)