During Term 3 the children who attend ECEC on Thursdays and Fridays in Room 3 have shown an interest in transport. To follow and explore this interest we have focused our Unit of Inquiry on all types of transport. Together the children and their teachers have discussed what transport is, its role in the community and how different types of transport may help us to travel on the land, air or sea. We have looked at the ways in which transport can move such as being motorised, pedals, engines and wind.

The children made their own paper planes and flew them on the oval. We used our feet to count how far they travelled and the children spoke about the different destinations around the world that their planes were flying to visit.

We set up our own aeroplane in the room using chairs and watched a flight simulator on the white board to create a flying experience complete with tickets and inflight service. The children enjoyed pretending that we had arrived in Hawaii.

We spoke about how some types transport can help us in an emergency such as an ambulance, fire truck, police vehicle and helicopters. The children learnt all about calling triple zero if they need help from these services.

The children were invited to participate in craft experiences involving hand/eye co-ordination, shape recognition, sorting and fine motor skills such as cutting, painting, drawing and colouring. These experiences resulted in the children creating their interpretation of ambulances, fire trucks, buses, trains, bikes, hot air balloons, helicopters and boats.

Each week the children are able to share their transport experiences by bringing in photos of different types of transport they had used. Photos and drawings of buses, ferries and aeroplanes were shared in-group times.

The children have enjoyed this Unit of Inquiry and often comment on the different types of transport they see as we walk to the library or visit the big school.