HICES is a collegial group of Heads from more than 40 independent co-educational schools across NSW and the ACT representing over 32,000 students. The development of academic, cultural, sporting and spiritual growth in our students are important priorities for all HICES schools. HICES is unique in the Australian educational context, being the only association of heads of independent schools specifically representing co-educational schools. The mission is to promote and advance independent co-education amongst member schools and the wider community.

For those of you who are interested the following article is available on the HICES website espousing The Benefits of Co-education, authored by Paul Teys of Hunter Valley Grammar - he writes:

'In co-educational schools, girls and boys, women and men, share in the joy of learning together, developing mutual respect and understanding for each other. Boys and girls working and learning together in natural settings where gender equality and opportunity is promoted, in both academic and co-curricular activities, reflects the most realistic and authentic learning environment.

The ancient Greek philosopher, Plato, advocated co-education, for it promotes "a feeling of comradeship", of trust, confidence, respect and cooperation. Of course, these qualities still exist in single-sex institutions, but how much more powerful and affirming is the cultivation of these virtues in schools where both boys and girls sit side-by-side.' Click here to read more.

Michael Smith | Principal

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