How do we know when we’re delivering on our Vision of Extraordinary Education?

Over the last year, the Principal and I have spoken to the School community about the Vision and the Mission of our School. Events such as the Crimson Thread, Partners in Learning as well as School assemblies, the School newsletter and House Tutor groups have provided lots of opportunities for staff, students and parents to discuss and reflect on the School Ethos which encompasses our Vision, Mission, Values and Graduate Aim.

Our School Vision - Extraordinary Education: a place of inspiration and innovation and our School Mission - Outstanding teaching within a unique learning environment; fostering each student's potential for greatness, are strong indicators of the path our School is focusing on each day. In our role as Governors of the School, Council is a co-owner of the School's Ethos and with the Principal and Executive team, we need to ensure that we are continually striving towards our Vision, acting day to day upon our Mission, and living the Values of our School.

As a way of providing Council, the Principal and the Executive team with feedback on our progress towards this, we are developing a dashboard to measure and monitor our achievements towards Extraordinary Education. This dashboard will allow us to understand and evaluate the progress being made. When monitoring student progress and outcomes, academic performance is obviously very important. As we support students to achieve their best in all their pursuits, we need to be able to measure more than academic performance alone; we need to evaluate the wider range of opportunities which make education at Hills Grammar extraordinary.

It is not easy to develop a dashboard that gives feedback on the multi-faceted program offered at Hills Grammar; but we do need to know if we are on track, and when adjustments are appropriate to ensure Hills Grammar continues to be a great place of learning and inspiration. Simply having a School Ethos is not enough. We need to ensure there is alignment across the school community so that we continue to remain focused on working towards our Vision and Mission. 

As always, I welcome your feedback and questions and you can get in touch with me here.

Charles Denes | Chair, School Council