This year, one of the overarching themes in our English is Lit pieces has been the English Department’s endeavour to deliver extraordinary education to students. For us, this means ensuring the academic care and well-being of our students.

One way we aim to help our students grow is by offering them opportunities to reflect on their learning in order to improve their literacy skills. Some examples include promoting various English competitions, such as The Bankstown Poetry Slam, and most recently, The University of New South Wales’ ICAS exam.

ICAS is an independent, skills-based exam which recognises and rewards student achievement. On the 1st August, students partook in the exam, which UNSW describes as an assessment of a variety of texts, which helps students to:

Narrate, describe, explain, argue, persuade and review. The types of texts include extracts from picture books, short stories, novels, poems, play scripts, transcripts of interviews, letters, diary entries, advertisements, webpages, feature articles, opinion pieces and comic strips. These texts may include tables, diagrams, maps and other visual information.

Over the next year, the English department aims to offer more tests to help students improve and reflect on their literacy skills.

Justine Zarebski | Acting Assistant Head of English