This Term in Room 4, everyone is very interested in building, so we have been exploring construction and building as part of our Unit of Inquiry. The children have been immersing themselves in a variety of hands on learning experiences as they discover and create. We enjoyed researching and increasing our knowledge of buildings around the world. Using the interactive whiteboards, we looked at The Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Eiffel Tower, the Harbour Bridge, Big Ben Clock, the Pyramids of Giza and the Sydney Opera House. This investigation is inviting many questions from the children, which we all enjoy researching and answering. After our trip around the world on the whiteboard, the group extended their fine motor skills as they looked at pictures of all the buildings, while drawing our own. The room buzzed with many interesting conversations about where in the world the buildings were and we all enjoyed having a look on the world globe to locate them.

As we moved forward with our Inquiry, the children have spent long periods of time building with different construction resources. As the children play they have been using their cognitive skills to problem solve and to design their buildings. They have extended their language skills as they discussed ideas and worked cooperatively. The conversations during building experiences have sparked new interests about builders, construction sites and building equipment, and we have continued brainstorming and sharing ideas about what we know and what we would like to find out as we continue our journey exploring construction and building.

We are having a lot of fun working together and look forward to what the rest of the term will bring.