Over the course of the last few weeks the children of Room 5 have embarked on a learning journey based around the ocean. Our Unit of Inquiry started with the children thinking of questions that they would like answered in relation to the ocean. Through the process of researching answers, even more questions were asked, and the children then started to engage in conversations regarding the ocean as they played and during meal times.

As the children discover the answers to their questions they have been learning about the zones of the ocean, and the many wonderful sea creatures that live in these zones. Their interest in the ocean and everything that lives within it, is thriving and has sparked many wonderful research moments for both the children and educators.

Another recent interest in Room 5 is playing group games. The children are most interested in group games that involve turn taking, sharing roles and those with mathematical problems. These games provide an opportunity for children practice many important skills such as turn taking, sharing, counting, identifying numbers and working in collaboration with their peers. The children have enjoyed the challenge and we see them transferring many of the skills learnt through this type of play into other areas of learning. The children are increasing their confidence to talk with peers and are learning appropriate ways to interact with one another.

Room 5 will be continuing with our Unit of Inquiry and will be adding to our current repertoire of group games. We will also continue to play and learn in our wonderful outdoor environment and participate in Drama, PE and visits to the Library.