After welcoming our overseas guests, we have now said au revoir to the 4 CIE French students and sayonara to the 19 Jishukan students.

Thanks to the kindness and hospitality of our hosting Hills Grammar families in the Junior School and the Senior School, these students were able to experience everyday life in an Australian home as well as life at school. They attended the Year 8 Languages afternoon as well as a trip to Featherdale and Castle Towers. Students were shown around Sydney by their host families and attended sporting events and concerts. Merci beaucoup and arigatou gozaimashita to our hosting families and Hills Grammar students who hosted our guests.

The comments below come from a parent in the Junior School who hosted a French student and a Japanese student at the same time:

We hosted a Japanese Jishukan student for the first time. Our student Kentaro was delightful. He was so polite and well-mannered, which made him a pleasure to host.  To our surprise, we found Kentaro very eager to do everything Australian. He wanted to do everything our children do, including the household chores, and eagerly ate all our 'aussie' meals. The kids had great fun teaching him some English phrases and learning some Japanese. 

Florian our French exchange student became part of our family before he even arrived from France, with emails and Facebook messages and videos.  He was a lovely boy, with impeccable manners and a fabulous zest for life. In France, they learn English from early primary school, so he spoke English well. This gave Sophie an opportunity to learn some conversational French, and he was very eager to teach her more. Sophie came home each day after French lessons and practised her new words with him. He was also able to correct some of her pronunciation, which I am sure will be helpful going forwards. It is amazing how quickly some of my old schoolgirl French came back to me too. 

These students required very little from us, and were very happy to slot in to the daily life of our household. I know they gained a lot from staying in an Australian home, but as a family, we gained so much from having international students stay.  It teaches our children about other different cultures first hand, and opens up language and travel pathways for the future. Our family looks forward to welcoming more international students in the future, and I encourage everyone to take the opportunity to host a short stay student. It is great fun.

Thank you for giving us this opportunity. We will be putting our hand up again in the future.

Belinda Gerometta | Head of Languages