Last Tuesday marked 100 days of Kindergarten and we certainly celebrated in style. 100 days is a milestone for our young students who have engaged in not only 100 days of academic learning but have also worked hard at gaining an understanding of new routines and forming potentially life-long friendships. The day started with an extra special visit from our lovely Mrs Edwards who was adamant she didn’t want to miss out on our celebration. The children investigated the number 100 by playing 100's bingo and grouping 100 objects into equal groups. They produced beautifully creative portraits of themselves as well as what they think they might look like when they are 100. Our Year 6 Buddies also joined us in the afternoon to help the children create their own 100's day party hat. It was a fantastic day and the Kindergarten teachers were so proud of how well behaved our students all were while having such fun.

Karen Beattie | Kindergarten Teacher